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Welcome to the FAQ section of the documentation website for the Topsportslab platform.

On this page you will find a list of the most frequently asked questions. Where ever we can provide a short answer you will be able to read it by clicking the question itself. When a question needs a bit more explanation we will link you to the corresponding manual / article in the answer.

Could not find an answer to your question? Let us know by creating a ticket in the support center and we will try to add it here as soon as possible!

How do I create a new team?
Creating new teams is reserved for club admins.
You can create a new team by navigating to Settings > Club > Teams. Here you will find an overview of all teams within your current club.
At the bottom of the page click ‘Add new team’. On the pop-up that opens you can fill in the details of the new team and click ‘Save’.
Your new team is created!