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User picker explained

Topsportslab has a few components that are used multiple times throughout the platform. One such component is the user picker.

This component is added to most pages and forms where a piece of data or an object can be shared with other users. The user picker component can in those cases be used to select the users with whom you want to share the specific piece of data or object.

The user picker will alway be divided into 2 sections:

  1. The teams you have access to
  2. The User Groups you have created in your account

The teams you have access to will be grouped by Club / Federation, so if your account has access to multiple Club / Federation accounts, you will see multiple checkboxes on the highest level.

When you click open a Club / Federation you will see a list of all Team you have access to. In the same way you will see a list of Roles when you click open a Team and see a list of Users when you click open a Role.

When you check a Club / Federation checkbox, you will select all users in that specific Club / Federation account. In the same way you will check all Users when you check a specific Team or a specific Role.

If you only want to select a few specific users, you should click open their specific roles and check them individually.

The same principle applies to the User Groups you will see at the bottom of the User Picker component. You can either select an entire User Group to share your data with or select individual users in that User Group.

Be aware! The User Picker Component will always select a set of Users, regardless of whether you check a User Group, Role, Team or Club / Federation.
This also means that if you share e.g. an appointment with all the users in a specific Team, the appointment will not be shared with new Users that are added to that team later on. The appointment will only be shared with the User ID’s that are selected.

Updated on 14/08/2023

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