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The privileges explained

So far you have learned about the different modules, the different roles and what the roles are allowed to acces per module by default.

Where roles determine what pages you can access in the various modules, privileges determine what level of settings you are allowed to manage.

These settings are only related to the content of the platform (e.g. configuring tests, configuring heart rate zone sets, …) when the specific setting needs to be applied for the entire team or the entire club.

Apart from this, the settings that can be managed by Team admins or Club admins are usually related to rights and roles, security and user management over the entire club.

The Topsportslab platform has 2 levels of privileges that can be assigned to users:

  1. Team admin: Is allowed to manage team settings. You can read more about team admins here.
  2. Club admin: Is allowed to manage club settings and all team settings. You can read more about club admins here.

Privileges can only be assigned to roles Coach or higher. Athletes can not become Team admin or Club admin.

Updated on 10/11/2021

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