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Update July 2023

Release date: July 30th 2023.

Release type: Minor release containing changes to features, and bug-fixes.


In this update we have introduced small UI/UX improvements in various modules, some of which are based on suggestions by end-users.

Training & Game


Following additions have been made with current release:

  • The Weekly Schedule can now show type of Rest Session as well. The column can be activated using the viewing preferences.
  • The Training & Game calendar will now show type of Rest Session as well.
  • Rest Sessions have a description field to provide more context.
  • A new type has been added to Rest Sessions: Injury can now be selected to indicate that the Referee is taking a rest day due to an injury.
  • Referees can be notified by e-mail when new Training Quality Reports are created.


Following bugs were discovered and fixed with the current release:

  • Filling in and completing the RPE tasks on Referee dashboards could fail to update the training session in some cases.
  • The button for creating new Training Quality Reports could be missing on some pages.
  • Having a team’s athlete participate in a training session of another organisation could in some cases lead to the staff being able to see other athletes on the attendance list (but not see the details of the session for that athlete).
  • Training Quality Reports could show reports staff of other organisations created for your Referee.
  • Timezones would not be correctly set on Catapult Connect activities in some cases.
  • Games that contain training files of the new ‘EPTS’ type would in some cases not display details of the athlete’s load.



Following bugs were discovered and fixed with current release:

  • Tasks to fill in self-report questionnaires could be created twice in some cases.
  • On the analytics pages, the questions would not be sorted in the proper order (sequence ID within template) in some cases.
  • The scores of questionnaire results could in some cases be incorrect.
Updated on 07/08/2023

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