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Update September 2023

Release date: September 15th 2023.

Release type: Minor release containing changes to features, and bug-fixes.


In this update we have introduced small UI/UX improvements in various modules, some of which are based on suggestions by end-users.

Training & Game


Following additions have been made with current release:

  • Attendance feature added to Training & Game module: Practitioners can now generate and edit a day-by-day view of attendances of athletes. The availability of the athlete is directly linked to the medical status of the team.
  • RPE-scale configuration: Teams can now determine which RPE-scale to use for training sessions and games. The setting can be changed by navigating to Settings Center >> Team Settings.
  • STATSports Athlete Series automatic import: Data from Athlete Series will now be imported automatically. There is no longer a need to select the date of the training session to retrieve the session from STATSports.
  • EPTS connections overview: Teams can now generate a single overview to check all active individual connections to Polar Flow, Garmin, … The overview can be generated by navigating to Settings Center >> Training & Game >> All Connections.


Following bugs were discovered and fixed with the current release:

  • Polar Flow OAuth connections could not be terminated from the Topsportslab-side in some cases.
  • Old Polar Team Pro being too close to Polar Flow OAuth connection panels could cause confusion and result in incorrect API connections.
  • Garmin Connect imports with multiple sessions for one athlete can now process at once instead of processing one by one.
  • TQR results of other Staff members could be deleted by Club Admins. It is now only possible for the authors to delete the results.



Following bugs were discovered and fixed with current release:

  • In some cases the coloured option labels in the PDF’s generated by analytics would be greyed out even though a color had been set.
Updated on 02/11/2023

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