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Settings Center explained

Required modules: Topsportslab Core
Required roles: Athlete and higher

The Topsportslab platform comes packed with a Settings Center that bundles all settings you will need for your personal account as well as settings of all your activated modules in one single section.

You can open the Settings Center by navigating to your profile picture (upper right corner) > Settings. This will automatically bring you to your Account Settings page. From here you can use the secondary sidebar to navigate through various categories of settings.

Account settings are not the same as profile settings. While profile settings allow you to edit your personal information, account settings allow you to edit the way your personal account should behave.

Depending on your role and the modules that are activated for your team you will find following items in your secondary sidebar:

  • Account
    Contains all settings and personal preferences on how the platform should behave for your account.
  • Partners
    Contains all settings regarding GPS-, Heart rate-, Sleep-, Activity trackers and how you can connect your personal devices to the manufacturers API’s.
  • User groups
    Allows you to manage user groups, which you can use throughout the platform to quickly message or send results to a specific set of users.
  • My affiliations
    Allows you to manage your affiliations to various teams and clubs / federations.
  • Team
    Allows you to manage team settings, team administrators and overwrite roles per module for this specific team.
  • Club
    Allows you to manage club settings, club administrators, teams within your club / federation and move around users between your various teams
  • Profile fields
    Allows you to manage profile fields and expand on the Topsportslab dataset.
  • Dynamic fields
    Allows you to manage dynamic fields and expand on the Topsportslab forms.
  • Questionnaires
    Allows you to manage self-report questionnaires.
  • Performance Management
    Allows you to manage off-season periods, heart rate zones, speed zones, acceleration zones, …
  • Training & Game
    Allows you to manage performance trackers and assign devices to your athletes.

Updated on 02/02/2022

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