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How is the color determined for TSL Code?

Required modules: RefereeLab Core
Required roles: Referee and higher

The TSL Code criterium is used the help the Coach determine if the Referees are entering their training aims sufficiently and are keeping track of their calendar in Topsportslab.

The color code is therefore strongly dependent on how few training sessions or matches the Referee has failed to fill in with a primary or secondary aim.

The Training Quality Report will inspect every day in the selected 28 day period individually.

When the day contains a rest session or a match it will not be taken into account.

When the day contains a training session or a group training session, at least a primary aim is required. If no primary aim is found, the session will be seen as “incomplete”.

At the end of the selected 28 day period, the color code is determined based on the amount of “incomplete” sessions:

  • Green: Less than 2 incomplete sessions
  • Yellow: Less than 25% of registered sessions are incomplete
  • Red: More than 25% of registered sessions are incomplete

If less than 15 training sessions have been registered during the selected 28 day period (e.g. rest period), a green score is given automatically.

Checking TSL Code

When you want to know more about why a certain color code has been assigned for TSL Code or want to check the reasoning behind the outcome you can either filter some individual reports or open an individual report.

On the TSL codes block click the information icon. This will open a modal, giving you more information about the color code.

In the example above, 30 activities have been found in the selected 28 day period (some day can contain multiple sessions).

In the same period there have also been 3 days that did not contain a training session, match or rest sessions. Additionally, there were 2 training sessions that were labeled “incomplete” because they did not contain any primary or secondary aims.

In this case, the Referee received a yellow color for TSL Code. The 5 incomplete days are more than the threshold of 2 days, causing the Referee to not receive a green code. However, more than 75% of the 30 registered activities did have a primary aims. Thus, the Referee does not get red but rather a yellow code.

Updated on 04/12/2021

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