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How to use match day labels for training periodisation?

Required modules: Training & Game module
Required roles: Athlete or higher

The weekly periodisation of physical training in team sports is highly determined by the match schedule. One to three competitive matches are typically scheduled per week.

Therefore, there is no time available to perform specific training blocks over multiple days or weeks to improve certain aspect of fitness. Rather, physical training is structured on a weekly basis in relation to the previous and upcoming match (= MD-X periodisation).

These are the different phases that can be distinguished:

  • Matchday (MD): Day of the match. Also the hardest day in terms of physical load.
  • MD+1 / MD+2: Recovery phase. Players are typically recovered 48 hours after the match. Therefore, the two days after the match are aimed at accelerating recovery.
  • MD-5 / MD-4 / MD-3: Loading phase. In this phase, overload stimuli can be provided to maintain or improve the physical fitness of the players. In this phase, conditioning sessions take place.
  • MD-2 / MD-1: Tapering phase. This phase includes recovery from the loading phase to generate freshness (i.e., readiness to perform) for the upcoming game.

How can you prepare your data for MD-X periodisation?

Training session forms in the Topsportslab platform are equipped with MD-X labels. When creating a training session select the appropriate label in the MD dropdown.

When creating individual training session (for referees) the form looks like this:

When creating group training session the form looks like this:

In future updates of the platform workload periodisation will be tailored to work with MD-X periodisation when Match day labels are identified in your training session. The current version is shipped with input possibilities only. This helps you prepare your data so that it can be clearly visualised once MD-x periodisation is introduced.

Tagging your training sessions with the appropriate match day labels will result in your calendar taking these label into account and showing you your MD-x periodisation directly next to each calendar day.

What to do when you have athletes training with other teams or national selections?

Not all your athletes will have the same periodisation as the rest of your team. In practice you might have athletes that train with you but have to compete in an extra games (such as A-Squads or national selections).

To be able to accurately monitor these athletes and make sure they get the proper training load, you can overwrite the group training session’s MD-X label by providing a label on the athletes specific attendance in the group training session.

On the edit page of the group training session scroll down to the Attendance section. In the MD column of the specific athlete choose in what phase of the MD-X periodisation the athlete should be.

Click save to edit the training session and its’ attendances. The changes will be reflected on the athletes periodisation on the next page load.

Visit our sport science blog to learn more about periodisation.

Updated on 19/10/2021

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