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How is the color determined for Variation?

Required modules: RefereeLab Core
Required roles: Referee and higher

The Variation criterium is used the help the Coach determine if the Referees are training with sufficient variation in their schedule.

To evaluate this, the Training Quality Report will divide the selected 28 day period into 4 weeks. Every week will be assessed separately to determine if the specific week had sufficient variation or not. At the end, the Referee will receive a color code based on how many of the 4 weeks were variated sufficiently.

Determining if the week had sufficient variation

To determine the variation within a single week, Topsportslab works with 5 groups of aims:

  • High intensity endurance
    • FIFA Fitness Test
    • FIFA Fitness Test AR 75-25
    • FIFA Fitness Test REF 75-25
    • High intensity aerobic
    • Yo-Yo 15:8
    • Yo-Yo 16:4
    • Yo-Yo 18:2
    • Yo-Yo ARIET
    • Yo-Yo Dynamic
    • Yo-Yo Max
    • UEFA Referee SDS
    • Tempo Runs
  • Speed
    • Agility & Coordination
    • Speed Sessions – General
    • Speed Sessions – Long Sprint
    • Speed Sessions – Short Sprint
    • Speed Endurance
    • Repeated Sprint Ability
    • Match Preparation
  • Strength
    • Strengthening Program – General
    • Strengthening Program – Lower Body
    • Strengthening Program – Upper Body
    • Injury Prevention
    • Rehabilitation Program
  • Active recovery & rest
    • Flexibility
    • Active Recovery
    • Low Intensity Aerobic
    • Complete Rest
  • Low intensity endurance
    • Medium Intensity Aerobic
    • Integrated Practical Session

The Referee needs to tag at least one primary or secondary aim from 4 out of 5 groups for the week to be labeled as “variated”.

If the Referee has more than 1 match during the week, this threshold is lowered to 3 out of 4 groups for the week to be labeled as “variated”.

Are rest session will automatically be sorted as primary aim “Complete Rest”.

After evaluating every week separately, a color code is determined based on how many of the weeks in the selected 28 day period were labeled as “variated”.

  • Green: All weeks are labeled as “variated”
  • Yellow: At least 3 weeks are labeled as “variated”
  • Red: Less than 3 weeks are labeled as “variated”

Checking Variation

When you want to know more about why a certain color code has been assigned for Variation or want to check the reasoning behind the outcome you can either filter some individual reports or open an individual report.

On the Variation block click the information icon. This will open a modal, giving you more information about the color code.

In this modal you will see how many weeks have been evaluated and how many of these weeks have been labeled as “variated”.

Every individual week will also be displayed in detail, showing you which training sessions and rest sessions were found and what their primary and secondary aims were. The week will be coloured red if there was insufficient variation or coloured green if there was sufficient variation.


The excel sheet in the link below can help you calculate the variation score in the same way as in the Training Quality Reports. Fill in the creation date of the report and the sheet will automatically divide the period into 4 weeks. For every week fill in the Primary and Secondary aims of the training sessions in that week to see if the week was variated or not. Depending on the amount of variated weeks you will get a color code as described above.

Updated on 21/03/2024

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