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How to create a new team?

Required modules: Topsportslab core
Required roles: Coach or higher – Must be club admin

To manage teams you must be an active club admin. While team admins have the necessary privileges to manage their specific team, club admins have the necessary privileges to manage all teams on club or federation level.

If you need to add, edit or delete some teams you should contact your club admin.

To create a new team navigate to Settings > Club settings > Teams. On this page you will see an overview of all active teams within your club or federation.

On this page you can also view the active users in your teams, edit teams or delete teams. Learn more about managing your teams here.

On the bottom of the page click New Team and fill in the form that opens.

In the section Technical information you can fill in Training time and Game duration. These values will be used to set the default durations of this team’s training sessions and games.

After filling in the form click Add to complete the process. Your new team has been created!

By default, you will be added to the team as its’ first user and first team admin. Use the team switcher to switch over to this team so you may add some users and team admins.

Updated on 10/11/2021

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